I had a great time this past weekend at Raleigh Code Camp where I was lucky enough to be chosen as a speaker.  I gave a talk on one of my favorite topics, AngularJS.  I had some people come up to me at the end and ask some questions about best practices since in my talk, I kept repeating the phrase “If this was a real application I wouldn’t really do it this way, this is only for demo purposes.”  So as promised I am putting up some links for some lessons learned and some further reading.

  • First and foremost the Angular API.  This is invaluable in your quest to become an angular master
  • AngularJS Sticky Notes Architecture - More lessons learned from the field and he covers a few of the same growing pains that I ran into and how to handle them
  • This is a 3 part series on Angular Best Practices that I found very useful.  It covers some pieces of angular that I didn’t cover in my talk such as Angular Seed and testing your app


Here is my slide deck and Code Samples from my presentation.

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